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Learn to read with Sight Word Bingo!

Learning is easier when you make it play! In A is for Action! little readers learn extraordinary words to go with their ABC's. Learning to read is the SUPER thing to do! Playing together, learning to read is fun! Tag me on Instagram @VeaLewis with pics of your games!

You are AMAZING! Big vocabularies are AMAZING, too! Learning to be confident while reading is one of life's big adventures!


Bingo Boards

Word Page






Optional: Laminator

Print out the Superhero Bingo Boards and Word Page. Cut out the words. Put them in a cup or envelope to pull them out of when the game starts. For the boards, you can either write the words in (there is a list on the side to help you choose the words) or cut the word list out and glue them to the spaces. I laminated all of the pieces and boards so we can use them again and again, but that is an optional step.

GO BIG! LIVE boldly!

I would love to see your games! Tag @vealewis on Instagram with the hashtag #SuperheroBingo

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