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Seven Monkeys Publishing offers a large selection of Holiday Books

I love you beary much cover.png
I Love you BEARY much
by Vea Lewis

ISBN -  979-8798683208

Valentine's Day only comes once a year! Mr. and Mrs. Bear are beary in love, and they love finding ways to show each other how much they care.
In this cute rhyming Valentine's Day book for baby's story time, or little learners like Preschoolers and Kindergarteners to enjoy trying to read along, the characters are cute, colorful and engaging.
Mr. Bear and Mrs. Bear are sure to delight with their knack for finding the perfect way to say I love you.

Why the Circle Loves Pi Cover.jpg
Circle Loves Pi: A PI Day Story for Kids
by Vea Lewis

ISBN -  979-8416059330

Pi is one of two important numbers needed to measure circles. Unlike his friends, Circle isn't an easy shape to measure, but with his secret weapon Pi, everyone can measure the circumference, area, or volume of circles! That's why he LOVES Pi and celebrates Pi Day every year. This book is a great addition to your classroom, home or town library to readers learn all about why we celebrate Pi!

Lucky Kindle Cover.png
Lucky Leprechaun's Rainbow
by Vea Lewis

ISBN -  979-8419003910

Lucky Leprechaun lost his rainbow!

In this cute and colorful Saint Patrick's Day book made just for early readers, your child will help Lucky Leprechaun collect items for each color in the rainbow. With a little work and a bit of magic, the kids and Lucky will get him his Pot of Gold and a one way ticket to the best St. Patrick's Day party in the whole world.

Dino Easter Cover.png
Easter Bunny Cover.png
Earth Day Cover.png
Ghost Cover.jpg
Lily Ghost Real Cover.png
Tis the Season Cover PNG.png
T-Rex Hates Egg Hunts
by Vea Lewis

ISBN -  979-8431701788

T. Rex HATES Egg Hunts! But why?

Maybe it is because the other dinos keep finding the eggs, or maybe it is because his arms are too short to grab them! Join T. Rex and his friends as they hunt for eggs left for them by a pair of mischievous bunnies! Your child will LOVE this Easter Adventure Picture Book, especially if you gift it to them in their Easter Basket. Storytime will be filled with learning and giggles if you read this rhyming story to your child or grandchild.

Some Bunny Loves You!
by Vea Lewis

ISBN -  979-8416059330

Some Bunny Loves the Easter Bunny! But who?

The Easter Bunny is off doing his job and placing gifts, goodies, and candy around the town for all the good little boys and girls, but his family wants him to know that he is LOVED too. They just can't decide what treat he would like most, that is until they realize they need to figure out HIS favorite things. This books helps your little learner figure out that gifts are made for those we love, not for us.

How Can I Make Earth Day Everyday?: A Kid's Guide to a Healthy Planet
by Vea Lewis

ISBN -  979-8437374207

We all love the planet Earth. How can kids help keep the Earth clean and healthy. In How Can I Make Earth Day Everyday, kids will learn fun and easy ways to take care of the planet that takes care of us. These are easy and simple actionable ideas for your child, friends, or students.

Who ate my cupcake?
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 9798683891947

Everyone loves a great Halloween Party!

Especially Baby Boo! She has planned the perfect Halloween bash when the unthinkable happens... SOMEONE TOOK A BITE OUT OF HER CUPCAKE! Who could have done such a horrible thing? 

You and your little reader will help Baby Boo find out which one of her Halloween Monster friends took a bite out of her treat. Cute and colorful, this picture book is great for kids of all ages. 

Lily Ghost can BOO it! : A Halloween Story
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 979-8358814608

A charming, funny, and heartwarming kids Halloween picture book that is sure to become a tradition to read this tale every year. Perfect for kids 3-5 or any young child in your life that wants to celebrate the spookiest season of the year.

Lily Ghost isn't scary enough for the ghoul gang! She tries so hard to be spooky and ooky, but she is just too small and cute.

This book is not your average holiday book and is sure to warm the hearts of kids and adults-alike as a cute little ghost finds his place in the world. The perfect Halloween gift for babies and kids alike!

Tis the Seas'N
by C.P. Callaghan

ISBN - 979-8363413957

This debut picture book by 17 year old high school senior C.P. Callaghan is a hilarious Christmas adventure, perfect for stocking stuffers! It was published with your little learner in mind, and even has a dyslexic friendly font for easier readability.

Santa has a problem! It is the day after Christmas and he just realized that he missed a present. Without a sleigh, how will he find Mr. Seagull and give him his dose of Christmas cheer? The elves and Mrs. Claus remind him that he has a Christmas boat! Santa heads out on a nautical adventure to deliver the present.

Can you help Santa find Mr. Seagull?

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