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Seven Monkeys Publishing 's Popular Holiday Hollow Series Featuring Norman and Norris Gnome

Gnome Cover Valentines.png
Gnome Is Where The Heart Is
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 979-8594701267

Love Day is on its way to Holiday Hollow. All the Gnomes are busy getting ready to spread love and joy across the land. Norman and Norris aren't sure what is the best way to show their family and friends that they love them. They go out and ask each of their friends. This Valentine's Day, let the Gnomes of holiday Hollow teach your little one what the true meaning of love really is!

Gnome Cover St Patty.png
Finding a Gnome for Lucky Leprechaun
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 979-8710854952

St. Patrick's Day has arrived at Holiday Hollow!

Norman Gnome found a shiny gold coin, and his brother Norris found two new friends. The leprechauns need that gold coin, and four more missing ones to get home to Rainbow Ridge. Can your child help them find the coins and help their friends get home? This St. Patrick's Day story is about luck, love and friendship. 

Gnome Cover Easter.png
Hippity, Hoppity, all the way Gnome
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 979-8727403235

The Easter Bunny has a BIG surprise for his friends Norman and Norris Gnome. He came to Holiday Hollow and hid Easter Eggs for the brothers to find. They decide that a contest will make the day more fun. Who will find more eggs? Will it be Norman? or Norris? 

Your little reader will help the brothers find the eggs. This book helps reinforce skills such as counting, and spatial descriptions. The eggs can be found under, over, below, in, ect. Your little reader will LOVE the Holiday Hollow Gnomes. 

Gnome Cover Halloween.png
Gnome More PUMPKINS!
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 979-8485691509

Halloween Has Arrived at Holiday Hollow!
Norman tries to help his brother have a Happy Halloween, but quickly gets fed up with him. Norris wants pumpkins. Too many pumpkins! If he had his choice all of Holiday Hollow would be filled with pumpkins to celebrate the spooky holiday.

Gnome Cover Kindle.png
Gnome for the Holidays
by Vea Lewis

ISBN - 979-8568569510

What is the best part of Christmas?
Is it the presents? Hot Chocolate? Cookies?
No! It is getting to be with the ones we love.
You and your little reader will learn with the gnomes of Holiday Hollow that there really is no place like gnome!

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