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The books below are either illustrated or edited by Vea Lewis

Chibles - The Journey Begins (Book 1)
by Liam Callaghan


Liam, an 8 year old boy, sets off to find care and happiness in the world of Chibles. What are Chibles? Some are cute, some are ferocious but they are all out to protect the trainers they love. written by 8 year old Liam Callaghan, this is a story of imagination and adventure that only a child could create.

Motorcycles that go Zoom! and Vroom! 
by T.D. Ricketts


There are many kinds of motorcycles!You may see them on the street driving by, or in the woods jumping a big dirt hill. There are motorcycles that go really fast, and those that can climb up any thing in their path. Look inside to learn all about motorcycles and the people who ride them.

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