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Color a Fish Cracker Sea Scene

Kids can have an ocean of fun! Even the littlest readers can make their own sea scene! In Manny Monkey Only Wants Bananas little readers find out that new foods can taste great even if you are a picky eater. How fun would it be to use some food to make an ocean scene or your very own paper aquarium? Together you can create one in a flash, and tag me on Instagram @VeaLewis!

You are AMAZING! Imaginations are AMAZING, too! Storyscapes are a great way for kids to tell the stories that live in their imagination.



Fish Crackers


Your imagination

This craft as easy as can be. Every person needs paper, crayons and fish crackers. With your children talk about the scenes you will create. Are you drawing an ocean, lake or aquarium. Who lives with the little goldfish in the scene? Then, talk about the adventures they can go on. Where will they swim to? Are they brothers and sisters? Friends? Are they at school? All of the discussions you have will help them create stories for their fish to act out.


I would love to see your scenes! Tag @vealewis on Instagram with the hashtag #FishFoodFun

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