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Paper Puppets Are Hours Of Fun!

Toys make our days fun and our nights safe! Even the littlest readers can make their own toys! In WHERE'S TEDDY? little readers help Tiny Tyler find his best toy friend. How fun would it be to make toys with your kids? Together you can make paper bag puppets in a flash, and tag me on Instagram @VeaLewis!

You are AMAZING! Imaginations are AMAZING, too! Puppets are a great way for kids to tell the stories that live in their imagination.


Paper Lunch Bags




Your imagination

This craft as easy as can be. Each person needs one brown paper lunch bag, and some crayons. With your children talk about the characters you will create. As you draw the faces on the bags, take the time to discuss what each character is like. Are they happy? Cranky? Funny? Sleepy? Then, talk about the adventures they can go on. Where does your child's puppet want to go? School? The park? The Beach? All of the discussions you have will help them create stories for their puppets to act out.

As an extra activity, your family can make a puppet theater. This can be done with some blankets hung just the right way, or cut out of a tri-fold poster board. Let your imagination go WILD!


I would love to see your puppets! Tag @vealewis on Instagram with the hashtag #PaperBagPuppets

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