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Children's Grammar Concept Books

Helping you learn the fun ways we can play with words

Animatopoeia title page.jpg
by Vea Lewis


Caw, Caw, Ribbit, Ribbit, Moo!

Duck starts a game of ball with his animal friends. Your young reader gets to follow the ball as it passes from animal to animal as they make their special animal sounds. Did you know these words are examples of onomatopoeia? This is an easy and fun way to show your child what it means to be a sound word.

Anilliteration title page and cover.jpg
by Vea Lewis

ISBN- 979-8730294059

Cute Cats! Dapper Ducks! Zipping Zebras!

In this ABC picture book, your little reader will learn about alliteration! Your young reader can read along as each page lists in alphabetical order examples of alliteration, the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words, and is paired with cute and colorful images. This is an easy and fun way to show your child what it means to be a sound word.

Animeter Title and Cover.jpg
by Vea Lewis

ISBN- 979-8852082657

Get ready to play with words and groove to the beats in Animeter! Join us on a wild adventure through animal phrases where syllables and stress come alive. Clap, stomp, and dance along as cute critters teach little wordsmiths the magic of language. With colorful illustrations and interactive examples, Animeter is a fun-filled journey that will have kids chanting, giggling, and mastering the art of counting syllables. Let the rhythmic fun begin!

anigram cover.png
by Vea Lewis



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