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Prime Day 2022 Picks for Kids

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


Welcome to my Prime Day Hub! As a mom, homeschooler and author, I am always on the lookout for great deals for my littles and YOURS! This will be updated frequently until Prime Day 2022 is over. I am going to group my links by age groups to make it easy for you to shop through my suggestions.

First thing is first. If you don't have a Prime Membership, you need one to get these deal. Your first 30 days are FREE!

Only 14.99 right now! You save 7.00! Learning and fun!

Only 15.49 right now! You save 6.50! This one is for 3+. We love Pete the Cat in my house.

Only 25.99 right now! You save 24.00! We LOVE Osmo products and they are all on sale for Prime Day! Click here if you want to see everything they have to offer.

Only 16.39 right now! You save 8.60! I have this set and my kids LOVE it!

Only 8.99 right now! You save 8.00! For those teaching time this coming school year!

Only 7.49 right now! You save 3.50! We have this and it helped my girls

as they made silly sentences.

Only 10.49 right now! You save 4.50! So many sight words!

Only 22.39 right now! You save 17.60! My girls loved watching the life cycle occur in our living room, and the added bonus was being able to hold them as we released the butterflies.

Only 16.99 right now! You save 8.00! 220 sight words!

Only 139.99 right now! You save 60.00! Learn by seeing, playing and doing! Kits available for Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. Kits for IPads or Fire Tablets!

Only 14.99 right now! You save 13.00! 350+ balloons!

Only 12.23 right now! You save 19.76! No pool? No problem!

Only 25.78 right now! You save 18.21! Just imagine what they will create!

Only 26.38 right now! You save 6.60! Perfect for those summer adventures.

Only 57.99 right now! You save 42.00! My 6th grader loved our snap circuit sets. He also learned so much with them. The best part is they are great for independent learning.

A Star Wars coding kit? Yes, please! Only 20.99 right now! You save 59.00!

Only 20.54 right now! You save 9.95!

Only 14.39 right now! You save 9.60! This wood and solar kit looks so interesting!

Up to 50% off of Kindle E-Readers!

Up to 53% off of Keurig brewers and pods

Fire Sticks starting at 11.99!

All the links on this post are affiliate links. I receive a small percentage of each sale.


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