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FREE Thanksgiving Printables for kids!

Thanksgiving is coming soon! I have 3 FREE printables ready for you to help you celebrate this fabulous first fall holiday! Print them out and tag me on Instagram @VeaLewis after you cut, color and fancy them up!



Everything you can imagine is real…Pablo Picasso

Thanksgiving is a time to give THANKS! Children and gratitude go hand and hand with these carefully crafted journals where your child can learn to express thankfulness and a loving heart. Each page is set up to get your little one thinking about the good in the world around them. By learning to express their thoughts and feelings in an age appropriate way every day, your child will be able to appreciate all the good and loving things in their life.

Help your child develop an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE! Click HERE to get one today!

If you like these worksheets, you will LOVE The Happy Homeschooling Animals Series. These workbooks will help your pre-k or Kindergarten child master the skills they need to become life long learners. The best part? They are just 5.99 each with FREE shipping if you have

Amazon Prime.

or pop over to our YouTube Channel to enjoy wholesome learning videos

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