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FREE Halloween Printables for kids!

Halloween is coming soon! I have 3 FREE printables ready for you to help you celebrate this fabulous first fall holiday! Print them out and tag me on Instagram @VeaLewis after you cut, color and fancy them up!

Let your HALLOWEEN SPIRIT shine!


Everything you can imagine is real…Pablo Picasso

If you like these worksheets, you will LOVE The Happy Homeschooling Animals Series. These workbooks will help your pre-k or Kindergarten child master the skills they need to become life long learners. The best part? They are just 5.99 each with FREE shipping if you have

Amazon Prime.

or pop over to our YouTube Channel to enjoy wholesome learning videos

Vea Lewis has some great FALL reads for you and your child! Grab a copy today,

or read for FREE if you have a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

And here are two bonus books by some of our friends!

Fun reading for Halloween!

Come along on a silly, not spooky, rhyming read aloud adventure under the sea!

When a Halloween party invitation floats down into the sea from above, questions arise.

  • What is Halloween?

  • What do we do at a Halloween party?

  • Can we have a Halloween party, even under the sea?

Enjoy reading out loud together to find the answers! Everyone can get involved in this interactive adventure, using their most "Halloween-y" voices and sound effects each time this easily-recognized word is spotted:


(printed in orange of course, in a fun "Halloween-y" font)

Discover together that Halloween is not scary, and can be very fun!

Great to read to preschoolers and kids not yet reading. Very fun to read in the classroom or other group settings. Also great for beginning readers, as rhyming words are highlighted for identification.

Billy is always brave

He's not one to be scared.

But one Halloween night, noises coming from under his bed make him scared...

and suddenly he's not so brave anymore.

What could it be under the bed?

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