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Discover the Five Senses with our Fun and Free Homeschool Worksheets

Are you looking for a fun and educational way to teach your homeschoolers about the five senses? Look no further than "Happy Homeschool Friends: Explore the Five Senses!" Our book, created by a homeschooling family, is filled with a story that mirrors the life of real homeschoolers and their co-op friends. To make learning even more exciting, we've also created 15 free worksheets to supplement the book. Here's how our book and worksheets can benefit your homeschooling experience:

  1. Engaging Storyline: Our book shows homeschooling in a fun and positive light, and children get to see homeschoolers and homeschooling as the star of the show.

  2. Hands-On Activities: Our story takes kids on a nature hike to find all five senses, and we've included 10 fun, easy activities to try at home. The accompanying worksheets provide a practical and engaging way to reinforce the concepts taught in the book.

  3. Suitable for All Ages: The book is ideal for children between the ages of 5-8, but can also be enjoyed by older and younger students. The worksheets are adaptable to different age groups, so you can customize the activities to meet the needs of your homeschoolers.

  4. Easy to Use: Our worksheets are designed to be easy to understand and follow, with clear instructions and engaging visuals.

  5. Free and Downloadable: Our worksheets are available for free download, making it a great resource for homeschooling families on a budget.

We're passionate about making homeschooling fun, engaging, and accessible for families. Our book and worksheets offer a unique and effective way to teach your children about the five senses, while also fostering a love of learning. Download our worksheets today and watch your homeschoolers thrive!

If you like these worksheets, you will LOVE The Happy Homeschooling Animals Series. These workbooks will help your pre-k or Kindergarten child master the skills they need to become life long learners. The best part? They are just 5.99 each with FREE shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Grab your workbooks on Amazon today!

Pop over to our YouTube Channel to enjoy wholesome learning videos.

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