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5 Great Superhero Picture Books

Pow! Bam! Zoom! These silly superheroes

are so fun to read about!

Here is a list of 5 picture books I found

on Amazon for you and your little reader.

Just click on the picture!

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1. Big Heroes! (DC Super Friends) (Little Golden Book) by Billy Wrecks

Lex Luthor has shrunk the DC Super Friends™ to the size of ants, and suddenly the world is a very big and very dangerous place. Batman™, Superman™, and the rest of the Super Friends will have to use all of their powers as they fight a praying mantis, Venus flytraps, and more in the Little Golden Book Big Heroes!

2. Superheroes Don't Have Bedtimes ... Or Do They? by Laurie Friedman

The young brother and sister in this story want to be superheroes. Going to sleep is NOT part of their superhero plan! Superheroes don’t have bedtimes . . . or do they? When these two little superheroes wake up the morning after a night of secretly staying up way past their bedtimes, they learn an important lesson about the power of a good night’s sleep.

This book is part of the Little Superhero series, which teaches young boys and girls that you don't have to have superhuman strength or speed to be considered a superhero.

Little superheroes find their special powers by being kind to others, doing the right thing, and always trying their best.

3. A is for Action!: Superhero ABC's (Mighty Word ABC's) by Vea Lewis

A is for Action! is filled with super charged words to bulk up your vocabulary.

Superheros are amazing, and you can be too!

Mighty kids use mighty words! BIG words like ricochet and telekinesis! Learn the alphabet from A-Z with mighty superheroes! Colorful and bright, the cast of superheroes that fill these pages will make learning ABCs an awesome experience! Does your child love superhero movies, cartoons and shows? Then they will LOVE this book. Grab your copy today!

4. You Are A Superhero by Lauren Grabois Fischer

Are you looking for the perfect book to empower your child to be kind and accepting?

Look no further! This is the book for you! Your child's self esteem will grow as they learn to speak kind affirmations to themselves and to the world. When we provide our children with social emotional learning books, we are helping them become the

greatest version of themselves.

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE A REAL SUPERHERO!?!? A real superhero is someone that makes kind choices, is respectful to themselves and others, and adds

positivity to the world around them.

"You Are A Superhero" is a wonderful book that inspires its young readers to go out and make a positive change in this world. It reminds you to recycle, use kind words and kind actions, and be the best YOU that you can be. If you treat others with respect and love...

You are a REAL superhero!

5. Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker

"Full of action and vibrancy. . . .A good way to soothe bad days away.” —School Library Journal

When Superheroes don’t get their way,

when they’re sad, when they’re mad, when they’ve had a bad day . . .

. . . they COULD super-tantrum, they COULD but they DON'T,

because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN'T—they WON'T!

All kids have trouble getting a grip on their emotions, sometimes—even young superheroes! But what do they do when they’re having a bad day? Colorful action-packed illustrations and a dynamite rhyming text reveal the many ways superheroes (and ordinary children, too) can resist the super-temptation to cause a scene when they’re sad, mad, frustrated, lonely, or afraid. From burning off steam on a bike or a hike, to helping others, this energetic picture book has plenty of fun ideas to help kids cope when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

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